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Norton – “Layers of Love United” Perfect Summer Soundtrack

June 2, 2011

At some point in the recent past, “College Rock” was a term that had a specific correlation to the music it broadcasted.  Now the term “College Rock” is mostly defunct in defining music being replaced by countless sub-genres.  WQFS was a station I listened to religiously with its eclectic programing and predominant amount of music based in pre-grunge jangly guitars and pop hooks.  It still is an amazing jewel in a cultural abyss.

I have been listening to the band Norton from Portugal which fills the void that has been present in “College Radio”.  Reminiscent of Phoenix upon first listen, “Layers of Love United” twists and turns to a different conclusion that reminds me of being on a PBR soaked sweaty crowded bar late at night as opposed to a European dance club.  The jangle guitars of Athens, GA blends with the pleas of a Chapel Hill vocal meshed into a late 80’s style that includes bands such as Ahouse, The Jack Rubies, Hoodoo Gurus and the Immaculate Fools.

What a great soundtrack for summer.

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