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Chick Tracts – Awesome Slice of Americana Art

July 6, 2011

Have you ever seen small religious comic books sitting on counters in public places?  Odds are it is a Chick Tract, or at least a poor imitation of one.  I used to find these all the time when I was on tour in the 90’s.  I kept most of the ones I found and had a large collection that has since disappeared during some move.  I have seen the documentary on Jack Chick and I highly recommend it.  His comics are amazingly well drawn and are mild horror stories of angels and demons interacting with humans in real life situations.  Obviously, the slant is very fundamental, so anything at all related to arts or a vice is viewed as sin, the Pope is the devil and the Bible is certainly translated literally.  Think Westboro Baptist Church.  Also, the staff who work for Chick are hyper-paranoid about assasination and conspiracy.


I remember this one I found in a phone both where the topic was rock and roll and the main character’s name was Tom.  This was particularly spooky as I was on tour and had just signed on to a major label and was recording an album based on Southern Fundamental Christianity

The entire comic can be seen HERE

These comics were always spooky and incredibly fascinating to me.  The story of Jack Chick is one of a torn individual with immense artistic talent who felt guilty about his gift.  I highly recommend it.


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