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…And Though The Hair Was Pasted Down With Suave

August 17, 2011

Beauty is an intangible.  Beauty is objective.  Beauty is androgynous.  Beauty is not always visible, nor audible.  Beauty is real.  Usually the uglier one aspect of someone is, there is another aspect even more beautiful. Steven Jesse Bernstein was an underground writer, poet and performance artist who is most famous for his recordings with Sub Pop Records and close relationship with William S. Burroughs. He would open for music acts such as Soundgarden and Big Black in their heyday and capture the audience through a cerebral GG Allin type spoken word rant.  This video of “Face” speaks volumes to me and to others who have ever had self-esteem issues.  He looks and sounds ugly but his words and syntax are pure beauty.  Jesse killed himself in 1991.

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