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UPDATE: I Am 63 Flavors And Then Some

August 30, 2011

As mentioned back in June, my wife was giving me grief about owning 63 short-sleeved shirts.  Her gripe was that there was no way I was actually wearing them all and should get rid of most of them.  “What?!?!” and “No Way!!!” were but two of the printable comments I had for such a thought.  Having the opportunity to visit thrift stores all over Western North Carolina as part of my job, I can’t help but shop the wares.  Who wouldn’t?  I have to be strategic with this process of wearing all 63 shirts without repetition.  Some of my shirts were purchased for gigs or going out and are not terribly appropriate for work (such as the White Castle Burger uniform shirt my friend Russell gave me).  I have to manage my yield just as Terry Francona does his pitching rotation and batting line-up.  I digress.


This is an update to let everyone know that today’s shirt is a vintage mint green “Kent” short sleeve polyester/cotton blend.  It is also shirt number 33.

I am halfway there…

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