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THE LIST – November 16, 2011

November 16, 2011

1.    Knismesis – Light tickling.
2.    This Week in Tech – 1959 – Cape Lookout Lighthouse is lit for the first time.
3.    Today in History – 1957 – Inspiration for Psycho and Silence of the Lambs, Ed Gein kills final victim, Bernice Wooden.  When authorities searched Gein’s farmhouse, they found organs in the refrigerator, a heart sat on the stove, and heads had been made into soup bowls.
4.    Fecal Transplants — a real medical procedure where doctors take a donor stool sample, dilute it, and inject it into the colon of a patient. The fresh bacteria is highly effective at treating otherwise untreatable disorders.
5.    Dylan LeBlanc – Paupers Field
6.    Protesters beaten by NYPD and removed from Zuccotti Park (includingReporters and city council members) #OWS.
7.    Newt Gingrich made $1.6 Million in Freddie Mac “historian” (lobbyist) consultation contracts, he now criticizes.
8.    “Wizard Of Oz” Munchkin Karl Slover Dies At 93
9.    That’ll Show The First Lady Who’s Really In Charge – Pizza classified as vegetable by House of Representatives.
10.    What kind of Rabbit’s foot is actually lucky? – the left hind foot of a rabbit killed in a country churchyard at midnight, during the dark of the moon, on Friday the 13th of the month, by a cross-eyed, left handed, red-headed, bow-legged Negro riding a white horse. – Scientific American Folklore Research.
11.    People have strong feelings about the elusive McRib sandwich but a new article in Time Magazine’s Healthland blog may change some opinions. The article identified 70 different ingredients that go into the boneless, rib-shaped, sauce-slathered concoction. Azodicarbonamide is one ingredient found in the sandwich’s bun and, according to Healthland, is most commonly used in the manufacturing of foam gym mats and the soles of shoes.

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