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I Have A Thing For Pens

January 25, 2012

I have a thing for pens.  I have always been a journaler and songwriter which creates much handwritten fodder.  I have been through thousands of pens and I have some favorites.  One of my coworkers commented on my number of pens and I tried to explain that each one has a specific purpose.  He smiled and nodded through my talk, said a pen is just a pen and turned heel back to his world of  few writing utensils.  My love for pens is unrequited and compels me to try new ones, read blogs solely about pens and carry one always.  Here is my current crop that I use regularly:

1. Sharpie Retractable – I write on a lot of stuff besides paper doing production work. The retractable is ideal for one handed use (which is usually all that is available because I am holding something.)  I try to get a color other than black just to mix things up.

2. Sharpie Extra Fine Point – Great for writing on blank CDs and anywhere else large Sharpie letters aren’t acceptable.

3. Uni-Ball Jetstream Rollerball – This is an awesome pen for taking notes because it doesn’t have the smear of gel and it is light as a feather.

4. Uni-Ball Vision – Great for writing on letterhead or other fancy paper in big bold print.

5. Pilot G2 – Best all purpose pen made. Period. I prefer red ones.

6. BIC Grip Stick Roller Ball Pen – I love these big barreled beauties. They are ideal for writing over computer printed text for editing or grading.

7. Pilot B2P – Pen made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. It is an OK writing tool but absolutely guilt free!

8. Staples Xeno Ballpoint – The color blue that comes out of this pen is electric and really pops on bright white paper.

9. Zebra Orbitz Gel – Retractable and a little wider than a normal pen. That makes having to do a lot of writing a bit easier on the hand. Hand cramps are a drag.

10. Cross Ballpoint – Pricey pen and really skinny. More of an accessory to be used when dressed up somewhere fancy. Goes well with a tie.

11. Misc Aluminum Pen – Came into my possession when I waited tables in 1994. It still writes beautifully with the same blue ink refill. Although not the most comfortable pen, I use it often and is like an old roomate.

12. Pentel Aluminum Energel – Awesome pen. A bit heavy for writing for long periods, but the weight of the pen makes for great dynamics in writing.

13. Uzi Tactical Pen – I carry this in my pocket every day. Nothing screams “back off” like whipping a writing Kubaton out of your pocket. I gave my Brother-in-law one to take to Afghanistan.

14. Pentel P209 Draft Pencil – Uses 0.9MM leads for a thicker line. I hate most mechanical pencils because they write so thin it almost shreds the paper. Not this guy, It is a fat line that you can see rising off the surface. I always get yellow so I can tell right off it is a pencil.

15. Fisher Space Pen – Pressurized cartridge makes it great for writing upside down or on wet surfaces when out in the field. Fits nicely in my front pocket.  Great for bathroom graffiti.

16. Staples Gel Mini – One of the first mini pens sold by the dozen. Its size makes it ideal to keep in my bag pen loop without it stabbing my hand when I reach in for something. Seems like it would be difficult to write with but once you cap the lid on the end, it becomes just long enough to fit in your hand crotch.

I also like journals that are different sizes, different paper material, different paper weight, different binding, etc.  I’ll discuss that at some other point.  Meanwhile, try these fine folks:

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