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The List – March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012
  1. Word! Digital Emunction – Picking your nose.
  2. This Week in Tech – 1781- Uranus identified as a planet.
  3. This Week in History – 44 BC – Julius Caesar is murdered.
  4.  Social Media – Washington Post has awesome interactive tool for tracking GOP Primary delegate count.
  5. Who Cares but WTF? – Laser unprinter removes ink so paper can be reused.
  6. March Madness!
  7. Video has ten hours of Darth Vader’s breathing.
  8. A hypothesis proposes that rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may be contributing to obesity.
  9. Greg Smith, a Goldman Sachs Executive Director resigns and spills the beans on former employer in New York Times editorial.
  10. The Pines – Dark So Gold


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