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Junk Mailbox – ULYSSES Management

March 19, 2012
From: Bin Wagiman ( 
Sent: Mon 3/19/12 7:46 PM

I am Shawal Bin Wagiman, Managing Partner of ULYSSES Management & Consulting.we
are consultant agent and advisers, and we offer professional investment
links, advice and analysis to client in the Middle East and ASIAN. We also
help clients determine where and how to invest funds, and take advantage of
lucrative opportunities at the right time.

We have been appointed by a client in Saudi Arabia to manage and invest the
sum of US65M. (Sixty-Five Million Dollars), but since we only specialize in
consultation and advise services, we have reasoned that it would be
appropriate to get your participation as a professional who would act as
field manager of the investment funds, whereas we would be consultants and

If you are Interested in this offer of partnership, please respond and give
us your full contact details plus company profile if any, and in response we
will send you an elaborate proposal and details of this offer.

Shawal Bin Wagiman
Managing Partner:
ULYSSES Management & Consulting
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