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The List – March 23, 2012

March 23, 2012
  1. Word! – bardocucullus – Hooded cloak worn by monks.
  2. This Week in Tech – 2006 – The first Tweet.
  3. This Week in History – 1980 – First half of “Who Shot J.R.” episode airs on “Dallas”.  Second half airs on November 21.
  4.  Social MediaStudy shows that Republicans in U.S. Congress use Twitter more effectively than Democrats.
  5. Who Cares but WTF? – Etch A Sketch sales on Amazon jump 1,556% after Romney aide remark.
  6. Abercrombie & Fitch have product called N*gger Brown Pants.
  7. Profiting of off dissent – $345 Painting for sale of Obama burning Constitution called “One Nation Under Socialism” at Fine Art Website.
  8. Brett Favre named most self centered athlete of the last decade.
  9. The New York Times “What Percent Are You” interactive tool can determine where your household income ranks across the country.
  10. Jenny Scheinman’s Mischief and Mayhem (Nels Cline, Todd Sickafose, Jim Black) – Blues For The Double Vee


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