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Junk Mailbox – A Life Changing Offer!

July 22, 2012

30 Million Bucks?  Sweet!


Mike Bunda
Bunda Associates. Global business consortium and investment networkers.
TEL: +44 703 174 8854    FAX: +44 871 503 0013
Permit me to introduce you a life changing offer.  An offer that will increase your wealth, increase your happiness and promote longevity.
I am an investment advisory, consulted by a potential investor soliciting the attention of a mature, responsible and resourceful overseas partner with sound knowledge of money handling and also capable of receiving investment funds of (=USD0LLARS.-3o-MILLION=) through bank wire transfer.
Your role is simple, to receive the investment funds on behalf of the investor who will be proceeding to your country in no distant time  to buy equity and also to make the investment fund  available to the investor on arrival to  your country. That is the simple operation and you shall be compensated with 30% of the total funds (=USD0LLARS.-3o-MILLION=), for your efforts hence if you are interested in this business offer,. I know you will be surprised why such huge compensation, the reason is that the investor is a government official who wishes to discreetly relocate his funds overseas without the knowledge of his countrymen. This offer is 100% risk free but requires maximum confidentiality hence kindly request details by contacting the investor directly at the email address:
Please treat as confidential and do include your mobile phone number in your reply for a more effective communication.
Mike Bunda
(Bunda Associates)
(Note, do not reply to this letter directly rather contact the investor directly at the Email:   copy and paste this email to avoid typing error. You may call me at the phone number           +44 703 174 8854       also you can send your reply by fax to    +44 871 503 0013     Ignore this message if you are not interested in the offer and we will not write you again.)
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