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Passion vs. Hobby. Am I Smarter Yet?

June 26, 2013

Lately I have been struggling with passion vs. hobby.  I spent many years pursuing my passion as a musician and worked unbelievably hard promoting myself in an era before websites, digital cameras, cell phones, etc. were affordable.  I implemented each of these technologies as they became available to promote music and book gigs.  It seemed that the easier it became to conduct business, the harder it became to have business to conduct.  The people I was making music with (and myself) became occupied with all of these outside distractions relating to the technology.  I did some solo stuff but inevitably desperately missed the musical conversations that occur in an ensemble.

As I grew older and more responsible, gaining a wife and two kids, my passion slowly slipped into a hobby.  I have become a monthly weekend warrior likening my band time to bowling night.  The problem is that every now and then my hobby reemerges as my passion and I become angry that no one is as dedicated as I am and that everyone’s priorities should be the band.

Then I receive a reminder that it’s only a hobby.

What happens is that my passion has briefly skewed my perspective and I have slipped back into the mindset of a 24 year old hungry for stardom.  Luckily it passes as quickly as it comes.  I’m still passionate about music but now making music is my hobby.  I feel much better seeing that in writing.


CBGB 1993



The Station 2013



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  1. jim Royal permalink
    June 26, 2013 1:36 pm

    Hebrew word for age is same as “wisdom”. You have wisdom beyond your years. We enjoy your passionate hobby with you !

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